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IELTS Preparation

You can prepare for IELTS Speaking, Writing, Reading and Listening with the help of these videos. You can learn each and every aspect of grammar, like fluency, coherence and cohesion, lexical resource, vocabulary and so on which are taken into consideration while assessing you during the IELTS exams.  You can go through all the videos …

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AutoCad 3d Master Class

In this course, you will learn about autocad 3d modeling.  This course is for Everyone who wants to learn 3D modeling in autocad. You will learn about different commands such as extrude, sweep, blend, surfaces etc. We have included real life examples to give a better understanding.

Face Makeup Masterclass

1. Primer  How to choose a primer for your skin type 2. Foundation  How to choose foundations for your skin type Tips on shade matching How to prevent foundation separation Tips of choosing a tool for foundation application  Differences between foundation and concealer  Tips of applying foundation on dry skin  Tips of applying foundation on …

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French for Beginners Masterclass

Requirements Headphones and a quiet place to be able to read aloud Involvement. Although this course is entertaining, it requires 100% of your participation.

Complete HTML Course

HTML5 is one of the hot web technologies and is widely gaining acceptance across mobile and web. In our course you get a complete resource which can get you started on application development for HTML5. In our course you work on actual examples and go through important concepts required for through knowledge. In our course …

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Ethical Hacking Beginner to Advanced

Description Welcome this comprehensive Ethical Hacking course! This course assumes you have NO prior knowledge in hacking and by the end of it you’ll be able to hack systems like black-hat hackers and secure them like security experts! This course is highly practical but it won’t neglect the theory; we’ll start with ethical hacking basics, breakdown the different penetration testing fields and install the needed software …

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AutoCad Master Class

About This Class Are you an Architect or an Architectural Engineering student that needs to learn AutoCAD but just don’t have the time for it? Are you just focused on learning how to draw architectural drawings and blueprints from AutoCAD? If you answered yes to either of these two questions, then this is the right course for you! In this course, you will learn everything …

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About This Class In this class i will help you to get started with forex trading from scratch. Learn about all the Basics of Forex Trading and Forex Market You don’t need to be a scholar or educated for learning forex, you just need to be hard working and patient enough. I will explain each …