Eyes Makeup Masterclass

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About This Class


1. Eyeshadow

  • What are some common eyeshadow terminologies? 
  • What are eyeshadow bases used for and are they necessary? 
  • 3 types of eyeshadow placements to create tons of looks 

2. Eyeliner

  • How to draw a winged liner freehand
  • How to draw a winged liner using a home made stencil 

3. Defining the eyes

  • How to naturally define the eyes using just eyeshadow 
  • How to tightline
  • How to waterline

4. Mascara

  • How to apply mascara
  • Mascara tips and tricks

5. Undereye concealer

  • Why undereye concealer creases
  • How to prevent your undereye concealer from creasing 

6. Prevention of common makeup problems 

  • Cream eyeshadow creasing 
  • Eyeshadow fading
  • Eyeshadow losing vibrancy 
  • Eyeliner smudging
  • Eyeliner fading 
  • Mascara smudging 
  • Eyebrow products fading