Face Makeup Masterclass

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1. Primer 

  • How to choose a primer for your skin type

2. Foundation 

  • How to choose foundations for your skin type
  • Tips on shade matching
  • How to prevent foundation separation
  • Tips of choosing a tool for foundation application 
  • Differences between foundation and concealer 
  • Tips of applying foundation on dry skin 
  • Tips of applying foundation on oily skin 

3. Concealer

  • Differences in application of concealer for spots and dark undereye circles
  • Trick to see if a concealer will crease under the eyes

4. Demonstrations of application and tips 

  • Primer 
  • Foundation (using both a brush and a sponge)
  • Bronzer (both cream and powder)
  • Contour (both cream and powder)
  • Blush (both cream and powder)
  • Highlight (both cream and powder)
  • Setting your make up 

5. Prevention of common makeup problems

  • Patchy foundation
  • Dry patches
  • Oxidisation of foundation
  • Blush fading 
  • Undereye concealer creasing
  • Dark circles peeking through