Learn Video Editing for beginners with Davinci Resolve

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We’re going to start with an overview of all the main pages (Media, Cut, Edit, Fusion, Fairlight, Color, and Deliver) of the application and basic video editing topics like animating properties with keyframes and how to export videos. Afterwards, we delve deeper into content focused on creating visual effects and titles through the Fusion and Color pages to achieve interesting results in your video content. We also tackle new features in DaVinci Resolve like the Cut page 3 timeline video editing workflow. This guide is best targeted at beginners to intermediate level learners – some topics are a bit in depth but every step will be thoroughly and visually explained to keep it easy to understand and learn from

Here are some examples of what you will learn

  • Building fusion compositions to make custom effects and titles with a great deal of flexibility thanks to the nodes system
  • How to mask video sections to selectively blur or modify areas of your video such as a person’s face with the Color page tools
  • Creating particle effects such as fire & smoke, snowfall, or dissolving an image into a million pieces.
  • Basic color grading topics such as turning a day scene into night lighting and pushing all colors towards a black and white threshold as a visual effect.
  • Audio editing topics like how to add noise reduction and vocal enhancements to entire tracks for better sound.

By the end of the series, you’ll get a grasp on how things work with the different work areas of DaVinci Resolve. You’ll learn a lot about making effects, editing videos, and how flexible and powerful DaVinci Resolve can be as well as how to implement that knowledge. If learning video editing and DaVinci Resolve 16 is your topic of interest, then I hope you’ll join me for this course and learn a lot from it!