Make your own music with FL STUDIO Complete Beginner Course

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  • Start To Finish. Starting from nothing we are explaining everything before creating drums, sounds, fx, chords, arrangements, until we have a finished, mixed & mastered track.
  • Follow along the full production process. While going through all important stages of the production, everything will be explained in detail.
  • Pick up tricks and skills, save valuable time. Learn how to use Ableton and then use the techniques and apply them to your own productions.
  • FL Studio. We are only using native FL Studio, no 3rd party plugins.

After this course:

  • you will be able to put & execute ideas into your computer with no figuring and hesitation.
  • navigating & interface will be your second home
  • you will get to know music production not only as a process but a mindset
  • general knowledge such as: necessary equipment, useful websites, workflow of pros & many more will be no more foreign for you
  • you will get to know the mixing essentials & secrets
  • your experience level will be as high as 3 years trained producer