Pivot Point Trading MasterClass

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About This Class

Learn how to use Pivot Point Levels in your trading.

“A Pivot Point is a technical analysis indicator used to predict future support and resistance levels. along with that it also helps in identifying target levels.”

Pivot Point is a leading indicator and this is must in any trader’s toolkit. So if you are missing a leading indicator in your trading arsenal then this course is for you.

This course includes comprehensive material that is required to master Pivot Points confidently and effectively.
You will get an excellent understanding of how Professional Traders use Pivot levels in their trading..

Before diving into the strategy, I will first teach you the essential Pivot Point basics, specially designed to strengthen your knowledge base – to make you understand the intricacies of Pivot Point Levels.
No matter if you are a trader in Forex, Stock or in any other financial trading market, the concepts and trading strategies discussed in this course will make you a better trader and help you minimize your loss-making trades.
So, Pivot Points can be applied in –

  • Forex Trading
  • Stock Trading & Bond Trading
  • Cryptocurrency Trading
  • Commodity Trading
  • Futures Trading And all the other financial markets, where technical analysis can be used to predict the future price movement of certain trading security.

    The main goal of this course is not to just show you some random price action patterns like the other courses do, rather in this course, you will learn how to understand the psychology behind the formation of these levels and how to trade using Pivot Point Levels effectively and efficiently.

    What you will learn in this course-
    1. What is Pivot Point Analysis?
    2. Pivot Point Terminology
    3. Advantages of Pivot Points.
    4. calculate Pivot Points? (With Pivot Point Calculator- Excel Template)
    5. Pivot Point Variations.
    6. Why Pivot Points works?
    7. Price Action at Pivot
    8. The potential Trading range for the range
    9. How to eliminate extra Pivot levels?
    10. Pivot Point Confluence
    11. Pivot Point Confluence Trading Setup
    12. Pivot Point EMA Trading Setup
    13. Pivot Point bounce Trading Setup
    14. Pivot Point Extra Tips and Tricks
    15. Understand the philosophy behind every trade.